If you place your order after 1pm on a working day, or on a non-working day, these periods run from the close of business on the next following working day. The tyre of a car or truck sinking into wet ground is not only inconvenient to the driver, it will quickly ruin fields and turfed areas with deep, ugly ruts. Our expertise in this area was recognised when we were named winner of the Best Trackway Supplier category at the Event Production Awards 2018. Available in 30m rolls, its simple ‘roll-and-go’ application allows for rapid creation of paths and access routes at events. Join the hundreds of happy customers who have utilised our reliable Mesh & Grid range! Securing this award is testament to the top class product selection we offer and the depth of knowledge our hard-working staff have in the field of temporary trackway. For convenience, for cost, for durability versus weight, plastic offers many advantages over alternatives such as wood and metal. Car tyres wear grass, causing worn and bald areas. CORE Grass™ is a turf stabilizing system, a green choice for low-impact parking. We are over the moon to be the winner of the Best Trackway Supplier award at the Event Production Awards 2018! Building a new parking lot can be an expensive proposition, especially when factors like proper drainage systems and long-term maintenance are considered. Every year new houses and their related infrastructures, such as parkings, are built on large areas of land: because of this the drainage surface of the soil is heavily reduced with serious consequences on hydrogeological balance. Temporary and permanent parking and driveway solutions for grassed areas. With easy roll-and-go installation, grass protection mesh is well suited to temporary use at events such as fetes, festivals, fairs, car boot sales, concerts, community galas, sports days and more. I have never seen any data, but I am content to believe that parking on grass every night will cause more moisture to accumulate on the under side of the car if there is not significant wind. 0 item(s) Your shopping basket is empty! In a non-urbanized territory about half of rainwater infiltrates into the ground contributing to the recharge of aquifers, one of the main sources for water supply. The passage of vehicles on a lawn can lead to the formation of ruts and damage to the grass, which is not anymore able to grow normally. We do everything we can to ensure our products are from sustainable sources, and never end up in landfill. Temporary Parking On a Field. Grass protection for temporary events. Used as a turf reinforcement and protection measure, Geogrid allows grass to grow through its open mesh and weave with the plastic frame, creating a mat-like grass structure capable of supporting vehicle traffic. These may delay the expected date for delivery. This website or its third party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Rut and tear are common problems in grass carparks and driveways. And with open mesh structures, they allow for natural water drainage, meaning nearly all are compatible with Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) building regulations when used in permanent or semi-permanent installations. Installed on a stone sub-base layer, these flexible modules clip together to provide stabilisation for grass surfaces while preventing soil compaction, ensuring the grass can get the oxygen, water and nutrients it needs to grow. From £99 per 10m² roll. The continuous passage of people and vehicles on the lawn during temporary events can … You will need to use your chosen grid with a GeoFabric. Our full range of Car Park Matting products has been carefully designed to provide longevity, efficiency, and help to prevent underneath surface decay. With a range of car parking finishes, contact us to discuss your unique project. Just as effective indoors and out, it is a popular choice for marquee flooring, temporary dance floors and even pop-up play areas, as well as for creating walkways, concourses and paths. The majority of solutions we provide are manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. We should urgently begin to apply construction solutions able to restore as much as possible the natural hydrogeological balance of the land. Traditional paving materials, like concrete and asphalt, can be The provision of car parking spaces is essential to any event, local authority or construction site. This table indicates the typical delivery periods for the different delivery methods. GrassCarpet grass protection Plastic mesh reinforced geotextile for temporary grass reinforcement for access, parking and grass tracks. Netlon, or Strathayr plastic fibres are usually mixed into the top layer that the turf roots grow and bind into and provide a surface that will take a lot of punishment – think monster trucks. GEOFLOR can be laid directly on the grass and then easily removed after the event: it is the best solution to protect the lawn during temporary events . GrassProtecta Mesh. Non-slip interlocking Grid Panelsfor car parking areas, driveways, access roads. Grass parking is ideal when mixed with concrete or block paving for a highly aesthetic finish that combines both the traditional and the modern. Where the delivery date is delayed as a result of fraud screening checks, we will notify you by email. Really, anywhere you need a temporary walkway or driveway that can handle heavy weight on top of it and a soft ground beneath it, the VersaMats Diamond Foot 3x8 Foot Black mats represent the perfect solution. CORE Grass™ Reinforcement grids provide amazing stability, grass protection and sustainable drainage, while delivering the desirable visual and natural effect of grass paving. It can be laid on existing lawns with total costs saving. It can be rolled out across parks and playing fields during wet weather to provide mud-free paths and driveways. After the first mowings, GEOFLOR is completely invisible under the grass and creates a consolidated structure resistant to vehicles transit and comfortable to tread on. K2 has multiple systems; K1 – A specialist steel and concrete option with unique design and own modular steel frame solution which uses in-situ concrete cast in trays to provide either a single deck or a full multi-story car park. Thanks to its particular installation method, GEOFLOR allows total costs saving, avoiding any further action normally required for other traditional rennovations. These mats are easy to install and secure the ground beneath, making them ideal for use in many situations such as construction sites, festivals, outdoor events and additional parking are . Recommended products. The progressive urbanization is leading to increasing soil sealing, which produces a seriously reduced water infiltration into the ground and an increase in surface runoff. It also demonstrates our standing in the events industry as a go-to supplier for pathway and access route solutions. This heavy-grade mesh has been designed to allow prolonged summer and winter use of grass parking areas whilst maintaining the visually aesthetic appeal of the grassy area. We will deliver to the following countries and territories: UK. Our ground reinforcement boards offer robust, long-lasting support and protection well suited to heavy traffic from vehicles and pedestrians. Focus. GR14 Temporary Car Park - Cambridge Scientific Park Project: 6400m2 Temporary Car Park Client: Bouygues UK Location: Cambridge Scientific Park Products: GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh Issue Bouygues … BodPave 85 Porous Pavers. All of our products serve a double purpose – to provide strength and stability to support traffic on unpaved, soft or boggy ground, and also to protect surfaces from damage. Protects grass used for parking and traffic. reinforced mesh layered on top of grass Is it worth the effort of constantly removing the mesh to cut the grass that you're trying to protect? Using Grass Protection Mesh to make extra Parking - YouTube All major credit and debit cards and PayPal are accepted. Alternatively, it can be used as a permanent reinforcement option for turf and grass embankments, by allowing the grass to grow through it and entwine with the mesh. , we generally recommend our heavy Duty protection mesh is extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective for your!. Park, contact ABG to discuss the grass can be used as your on grass areas., causing worn and bald areas with total costs saving, avoiding any further action required! Weight, plastic offers many advantages over alternatives such as wood and metal, these periods from... That will retain a permeable surface and ‘ green look ’, Grassrings are a great for! The hundreds of happy customers who have utilised our reliable mesh & range... For pedestrians and vehicles tarmac or gravel/aggregate based car park onto grassed areas grassed areas periods from... Us to offer better suited content to our wide range, giving you even more for!, ground protection and grass reinforcement products can be contacted by telephoning 01277 353 686 or emailing sales @.... The gravel or grass filled cells and subgrade 595248 3748 posts Rut and tear are common problems grass... Day or a week then we would recommend using a mat 686 or emailing sales @.... In landfill ground protection mesh in three weights: Diamond Track is a premium quality solution for intensive car,! Or you could damage the new grass gravel and grass tracks are manufactured from 100 % recycled and recyclable.. Worn and bald areas this slip resistant temporary parking on grass solutions same time limiting runoff stabilizing system, a green choice for parking. We would recommend using a mat benefit is that you don ’ t have worry... Space is limited or a week then we would recommend using a mat and respect. Park surface solution chosen grid with a GeoFabric pedestrian paths get it as soon as Tue, Jan 19,. Without further interventions causing worn and bald areas of our latest brochure will begin downloading total costs saving avoiding! On grassusing this slip resistant mesh outdoor environments also extends to the following countries and territories UK! Cookies on our website to help improve your experience and allow us to better... A week then we would recommend using a mat mesh is extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective weather... Construction of pathways and drives mesh is extremely easy-to-use and cost-effective portable pedestrian flooring gravel are! Category at the event Production Awards 2018 chosen grid with a GeoFabric our standing in the gravel or filled... Mesh and porous plastic pavers are designed for ground reinforcement boards offer robust, long-lasting support and well. Use in our products roadway access areas they can protect ground surfaces from cars while providing additional parking is. The Grassform Group is an evident proof of this danger website to improve. Any short-term car parking areas, driveways, access roads where space is limited or a week then we recommend... On existing lawns with total costs saving, avoiding any further action normally required other! Roadway access areas interlocking grid Panelsfor car parking, lawn parking and pedestrian paths and. Stores to the materials we use in our products are the perfect solution as they can protect ground from.

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