Privacy Policy. British man insists he was ‘returning’ AED4,500 of cocaine after he was caught selling to Dubai police . Just like in most countries and cities, the legal age limit to drink in Dubai is 21. We’ll send you latest news updates through the day. The Dubai Emirate allows residents to consume alcohol in that Emirate only if they have an alcohol licence. Related: What are the most popular tours in Dubai? Get a License for alcohol consumption. The convicts were seen walking suspiciously between cars in a Dubai street. According to Commercial Permit Guidebook issued by Department of Economic Development - Dubai, it is not permitted to promote tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol. You can consume alcohol in private without a license in Dubai as alcohol consumption is now decriminalised. COVID-19: Should I take my baby for vaccinations. Terms of Use The United Arab Emirates has recently passed a series of laws and reforms that will have a significant impact on residents and visitors. The same may also apply for other liquor stores in Dubai, so it’s better to ask before you buy. Level Contributor . For instance, according to MMI, customers only need to produce their Emirates IDs to buy liquor at all 17 MMI stores in Dubai. However, law enforcement officers have been alert in order to combat the illegal phenomenon, the source said. Best Seller. Previously, customers were required additional documentation like a valid passport and visa page copy to apply for an alcohol license in Dubai. If you are an employee then get it stamped by your employer( must have AED 3000 at least salary). While driving towards the Dubai-Al Ain road a police patrol stopped them. The official notice applies to all venues that hold an alcohol license and restricts the sale of alcohol for the entire month. The federal law has also been … A 30-year-old Emirati police officer at Dubai Police went to meet the defendant with the police’s source in Al Barsha. Red Dunes By Quad Bike, Sandsurf, Camels & BBQ at Al Khayma Camp . All rights reserved. Report inappropriate content . Police arrested him while selling three grams of cocaine in return for Dh4,500. PHOTO BY ARCHIVE. This rule seems like an obvious one, but it’s important to reiterate that drinking any alcohol and driving is strictly forbidden. Picture for illustration purposes only. Drink driving is totally forbidden. British man insists he was 'returning' AED4,500 of cocaine after he was caught selling to Dubai police A British expat has claimed that he was simply returning AED4,500 of cocaine after being charged with possessing and selling drugs in Dubai. ? A circular from the Dubai Government has announced that all licensed venues are to stop selling alcohol during Ramadan. Do not transport alcohol using Dubai Metro. Helen Coffey @LenniCoffey. They then took the police to a building in Deira where they had hidden the liquor. The same advice was posted in May 2017. Many illegal vendors mostly jobless men and illegal immigrants drive down to other emirates, pick up liquor and return to Dubai. Save. However, the change does seem to ease up on the documents required to obtain a liquor licence. The source who requested anonymity said, "The vendors who are illegally selling liquor have been following the same modus operandi. According to the latest announcement from the government, purchasing and consuming alcohol without a liquor license will no longer be considered a crime in Dubai. The changes are effective immediately. It is leading the way now. Normally nothing will happen even if you go out consuming alcohol, but if you get caught you are screwed. Related: What are the most popular tours in Dubai? The move comes as part of significant changes in the country’s personal and family laws, the announcement of which was made on November 7th, 2020. The legal drinking age is 21. Register to read and get full access to, By clicking below to sign up, you're agreeing to our However, allowances are limited to four litres of alcohol (for example, two litres of spirits and two litres of wine). changes to personal and family laws in the UAE, proposed amendments to the UAE Citizen Law, All about the St Michael’s Roman Catholic Church in Sharjah, BAYUT SPENDS A DAY SPREADING LOVE WITH CHILDREN FROM BEIT AL KHAIR (VIDEO), Alcohol consumption will no longer be a criminal offence, Individuals will no longer require licenses to possess, sell or drink alcoholic beverages in authorised areas, Alcohol will only be allowed to be consumed privately or in licensed public areas. Best Seller. These cookies are used to improve your experience and provide more personalized service to you. For example, according to the website of Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI) —a subsidiary of the Emirates Group and leading wine and spirits brand — the same rules apply. Dubai: We’re never far away with 17 MMI stores offering amazing value and over 2000 products. Dubai’s licensing laws require venues serving alcohol be attached to hotels or a private clubs. They confessed to selling alcohol. By: staff reporter Published Date: July 18, 2018 . A geek at heart with an obsession for cats and all things Marvel. Man caught selling fake gold bars in Dubai. They will be deported after serving their terms. Fat tire is a crisp beer with an exquisite taste. The 30-year-old Ethiopian mother claims that a 28-year-old maid had helped her in trying to sell the newborn baby girl. Report inappropriate content . After receiving the form fill it up. Do you still need a license to purchase alcoholic drinks in the city? The hops are unlike the typical citrus hops. Anyone caught selling alcohol to someone deemed underage will be punished, according to the amendments to Federal Law No 3 of 1987 of the Penal Code. They were promised payment upon delivery. A Maid In Dubai Was Caught Selling Her Newborn Baby To An Undercover Policewoman. The decision to stop selling alcohol in Dubai during Ramadan is a change from previous years. To allay confusion, here is a brief overview of the latest amendment: It must be noted that the minimum age for alcohol consumption in the United Arab Emirates is still 21 years and selling alcohol to underage persons is still an offence. According to Section 2.4 of the Dubai Code of Conduct, alcohol buyers must “respect the local culture by carrying alcohol … 1,155 Reviews . See all. 8 years ago. According to the latest announcement from the government, purchasing and consuming alcohol without a liquor license will no longer be considered a crime in Dubai. Ethanol(Ethyl Alcohol) Supplier in Dubai, UAE, Middle East . 38 helpful votes. and Checklist To Buy Alcohol In Dubai. Alcohol laws in the UAE, problems with drinking and getting drunk in Dubai. The license holder can share alcohol to family members aged 21 years and above. It was also discovered that they had been staying illegally in the country. Don’t drink and drive . “Penalties are limited to those who serve or sell alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 or who bought alcohol with the intention to give it to an underage individual," the law says. February 14, 2018 at 4:05 pm. Moreover, Muslims who had been barred from obtaining licenses to drink beer and other alcoholic drinks before will be allowed to do so without any penalties in line with the new amendment. Check out our Rules and Regulations section to stay updated on the latest laws in the country. Remember, never get involved in a fight or an argument or don't even dare to show an abusive sign if you are drunk. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. The court also sentenced two Bangladeshis, identified as N.N., 42, and M.M., 55, to three months in jail each. Surat, India. Getting a license for alcohol consumption is not so hard in Dubai emirate. When she is not catching up on the latest series on Netflix, FS enjoys writing about travel and watching movies. Monday 22 July 2019 09:27. from US$102.00* Best Seller. Tyne and Wear . This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. Minors requiring something stronger than an orange juice should pack false beards. You may be asked to show your license some times, but this is not generally done in bars. ravi gulwani. Save time when you click and collect in-store. The UAE government recently announced sweeping changes to personal and family laws in the UAE in a bid to appeal to expatriate residents and foreign visitors. Report inappropriate content . Alcohol and alcohol license (licence) information and FAQs for Abu Dhabi, Dubai and UAE for tourists, visitors, and resident expats. They were supposed to deliver the consignment to another Indian whom they also did not know. DUBAI – Consuming alcohol without a license in the UAE is no longer a criminal offence after the UAE government announced sweeping changes to personal and civil laws in the country. The convicts drove to Ajman and obtained the liquor. The convicts drove to Ajman and obtained the liquor. There is a zero tolerance policy and those caught can expect to be jailed ; Buying Alcohol. Red Dunes By Quad Bike, Sandsurf, Camels & BBQ at Al Khayma Camp . "That has been clear during interrogation procedures that are being conducted by law enforcement officers in Dubai. Dubai is one of the emirates that make up the UAE in the Gulf. See all. The issue surfaced last week at the Dubai Courts Department when two Indians were each sentenced to two months' imprisonment for selling about 600 liquor products, in one case; while two Bangladeshis were awarded three months in jail each for distributing 420 beer cans and 186 whisky bottles. from $102.00* Best Seller. Report inappropriate content . 2. Police officers found the alcohol hidden in the trunk. 0 comments. Dubai tourists can now buy alcohol from shops. Police detained them and took them for questioning. Law enforcement officers in Dubai are keeping a sharp eye on vendors who are illegally selling liquor. By RabiyaJaffery. It has bactericidal movement and is utilized regularly as a topical disinfectant. To get a license you need to visit a nearby store and get the form. Both on your website and other media. New measures aim to make city more visitor-friendly. They have both been charged with … The alcohol was stored inside water pipelines. In the first case, the two Indians, identified as J.S., 25, and A.T., 30, were each sentenced to two months' imprisonment followed by deportation. Carrying alcohol in public transportation is illegal. All the emirates have strict laws on alcohol, sex and drugs, and Dubai is no exception. The alcohol license gives the holder permission to transport reasonable quantity of alcohol purchased from an authorized dealer to his residence using a private vehicle. Or are there any shops selling alcohol in Dubai ? Man caught selling fake gold bars in Dubai DUBAI – Gold bars for half the price? On arrival in Dubai it is possible to buy some alcohol duty-free. This website stores cookies on your computer. The amendments to the laws, announced on Saturday (November 7), are seen as one of the biggest overhauls of the UAE legal system. are there shops selling alcohol , beer etc in dubai , or do we hv to buy them from the dubai duty free before leaving the airport. The same advice was posted in May 2017. How does this apply to liquor licenses in Dubai? A British expat has claimed that he was simply returning AED4,500 of cocaine after being charged with possessing and selling drugs in Dubai. Answer 1 of 11: Is it possible upon arrival to buy alcohol at the airport ( in tax free shop) ? Although Dubai is tolerant when it comes to alcohol, there are still important rules that residents and visitors must abide by to ensure that a fun night out doesn’t turn into some serious trouble.

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